Making the Difference

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, explore our website, and follow our Facebook page. We think cultivating a group of interested and inspired community members is important in order to make a difference in the horse world. (And, of course, we use “community members” loosely—spreading awareness and creating solutions across our nation is the overarching goal.)

This week, we’d like to take some time to explain the factors that we believe set Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary apart from the rest.

One thing you might not know about Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary is that we are not an intimidating organization composed of equine experts and know-it-alls. While we do have board directors and advisory members that are “horse people” in the traditional sense, many of the people active in our organization did not grow up with horses or in the industry. Rather, we are a widespread group of people—with board directors as far as Georgia and South Carolina—who are passionate about this common cause. Together, we feel called to act on our love of animals by giving voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. We think that the extensive variety of people involved in Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary makes us relatable and approachable, and that is something we want to maintain. Just as we aim to make the animals of FAAAS feel comfortable, we aim for our supporters to feel the same way. So, please, don’t hesitate to ask us questions!

Another thing you might not know about Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary is how much time we are investing in our animals. We are sure that you know our volunteers are there twice daily to provide care, but there are countless hours dedicated to the commitment of these animals’ long term care, and even more time spent forming bonds and gaining the trust of these animals. Our goal is not to simply adopt out these animals as quickly as they arrive. We want to know what these animals need before we consider placing them in homes, because finding a forever home is of the utmost importance. These rescued animals have already been through enough, and we want to make sure that from the moment they are saved by FAAAS, they receive the care and stability they deserve. Much in the same way, we think it is extremely important to find an owner that feels equally suited to the horse; we want all future adopters of FAAAS horses to be perfectly matched.

We want you to have an understanding of our organization and who we are. We want our supporters to feel comfortable and confident in supporting our mission. We hope that this has been helpful, and we thank you for reading!