Calling All Volunteers!

Looking for a good way to spend your time this spring? We have a few projects that we are looking for people to help us out with!

  1. Our fencing is looking a little shaky. We need to get a couple of volunteers to fix our it up. It needs tightened in several spots and rehung in front where we had to take it down. We need a new post and a post hole digger for that spot while ground is soft enough to get it in.
  2. If you have a green thumb, feel free to lend a hand! We need gardeners to help us prepare our garden, plant it and maintain it throughout season, beginning the weekend of May 14 – 15th, thru fall for our pumpkin garden.  We want to offer community garden plots this year as well.
  3. Good with a hammer and nail? We need a  road side stand to be built for veggies to be sold here,  something small but noticeable!

If you, or someone you know, is able and willing to help, please email Brad. Once we have those names a follow-up email will be sent out with more information.