Remembering Cody

Remembering A Friend

On October 5, 2016 a long time resident of Forever Amber Acres passed away. Cody was our 32 year young wild mustang with a remarkable past and fighting spirit. Docile and sweet, he was a true warrior until the end. Cody was the 2nd of 43 horses that this animal sanctuary has had the privilege of rescuing in the past 10 years. He was not only extremely important and dear to our founder, Michele, but he touched every person that had the privilege to meet him and hear his story.

In remembrance of this wonderful horse, we share with you some of the heartfelt words dedicated to Cody from the community and true to our mission, Forever Amber Acres has already commited his stall to a new rescue, Bodi’s Buddy. We thank you for your support in this difficult time and ask that you kindly give to our incoming friend.


“RIP to the best horse I’ve ever known. You’ve touched so many people throughout your 31 years and I’m lucky to have been one of them. I’ll never tire of telling the story of the mustang from Montana who served with the mounted police, survived a firs, was a Revolutionary War reenactment horse, and provided therapy for children with disabilities (all while being mostly blind). What a great and full life you’ve had! You’ll always be my favorite. Love you, Cody.” ~Tara


“Tears from our family of sadness, but we know that it will be his hooves running up the rainbow after the next storm and our ‘feathers’ of 35 years young will be with him to show him the joy of living free” ~Elizabeth


“I’m so sorry for your loss, my heart is with you. Thank you for all you do for these beautiful animals. Cody was lucky to have you and vice versa. Keeping you in my prayers.” ~Nicol


“Thank you for being an angel for animals in need. We need more people like you in this world!” ~Janet


“RIP sweet Cody. Though we never met I felt I knew you from all the wonderful posts and pictures on FB. I know you were well taken care of and loved till the end.” ~Debbie


“Rest in peace sweet boy! Hope you’re ripping it up in green pastures” ~Karen


“I cannot begin to tell you how very sorry I am for your loss of your beloved Cody. I too have enjoyed the postings about his trials and tribulations. I will miss him although I never had the good fortune to meet him in person. God bless you Cody and speed you on your way over that rainbow bridge to meet your stable mates, who have gone on before you to that green pasture in the sky!” ~Thomas


“Big hugs from the family! He will be missed.” ~Gwenael


“We were there when he first got brought in! So many memories. He lived a long, happy, helpful life.” ~Brittany