FAAAS safely traps feral cats that we either find, or that find their way to us seeking refuge. We then take them to One-of-a-Kind Pets where they are spayed/neutered under their feral program. Those that have potential as house cats go to a partner organization for placement. Those that are deemed as better to live outside, make our sanctuary their permanent home. Each of them seems to have a particular fondness for finding their way to us during the winter holiday season. Michele has worked with all of these guys, turning them from feral to feisty, semi-domesticated kitties. If you’d like to help with continuing the fantastic feline care at Forever Amber Acres check out our sponsors page!


Sometimes called Fudgers, Fudgie reminds us of a piece of swirled, chocolate-peanut-butter fudge! Michele trapped this little cutie out in the woods on a bitter cold night before Christmas Eve 2009. Fudgie is fully grown, but her legs are so short that one of our vets, Dr. Slenn, feels her growth was stunted because she had kittens herself before she was even one year old. Fudgie prefers to stay close to home and watch the boys hunt. Her favorite things are sleeping under a lean-to, playing soccer with spongy balls and representing our feline contingent as a greeter to visitors of our farm.

Charlie T

Short for Charlie Tuna because of his uncanny resemblance to the tuna fish commercials from way back when; Charlie T (CT) was found in the parking lot of a grocery store and became our first permanent cat resident the day after Christmas 2008. Today, CT is a great cuddler. He loves kisses, being brushed, and getting treats. In summer, CT loves sleeping in the hayloft or the catnip garden. In winter you’ll find him cozying up in his kennel. Charlie T is a born adventurer and loves hanging out in the pastures hunting for mice. One great mouser, this guy knows he’s “King of the Cats” at Forever Amber Acres!


Angel became a member of the sanctuary back in January 2017. She started as a feral cat roaming the streets of Cuyahoga falls and had no teeth! A vet confirmed that someone had pulled every single one of them out. Despite this set back, she’s now trusting and loving her life at the sanctuary. She loves pets and purrs like she’s got a motor!



Surrendered by his owner and just 7 months old, Quincy joined the sanctuary back in 2015. While he started out with a grumpy attitude, he quickly became one of the most social cats at the sanctuary. He loves to explore, hide out in the hay loft, and surprise our volunteers! A wonderful addition to the FAAAS family, we hope he comes home soon!


Michele and a co-worker trapped “Ellie” in downtown Akron. She was living in an abandoned building, begging for visitors lunch scraps. Less than 3 months old, but feisty and scared of human touch. Ellie only trusts a rare few, mostly females, but is a joy to have on the farm. She patrols the Executive Director’s house, FAAAS office and likes to sneak up on JoJo and Charlie the dogs, when they aren’t looking!

Friendly Fred

Friendly Fred found us in October 2018 while we were frantically searching the woods and surrounding area for our beloved Quincy, who ran away after a therapy session here. Fred jumped on Michele’s shoulder from out of nowhere. He seemed to know we needed help with Quincy’s search and he began following us through the surrounding woods and cornfields looking for Quincy. Several days later we discovered Fred sitting on a chair in the barn as though he belonged there! Neighbors later reported that he had been hanging around all summer looking for someone to open up their home and heart to him. Fred quickly fit into our home at the sanctuary and worked his way into everyone’s hearts and often participates in animal assisted therapy sessions here with our friends at Paw Meadows. Since arriving last fall, Fred has taken on many of the unique traits of our missing boy Quincy. We’re certain when Quincy finds his way back home, the two will surely be best of buddies!