How Your Money Helps

SUPER BOWL VIII 2024 50/50 squares ARE SOLD OUT as of 8:31pm EST. Thank you for your support. Grid will be posted before the game.Thanks for supporting our horses winter hay supply!


  • $5  donation feeds one therapy horse hay for a day
  • $10 donation to feed two horses hay for a day
  • $25 donation feeds one of our therapy horses hay for 5 days
  • $45 donation provides grain to two therapy horses for a week
  • $50 donation to participate in an EAL workshop purchases a monthly supply of medication for 1 horse
  • $75 donation sponsors one veteran to attend our monthly Comrades in Arms workshop
  • $80 donation means vet care, food, or medication for 1 cat for a month 
  • $100 donation provides sawdust bedding for one therapy horse for one month
  • $125 donation provide manure management/waste removal for one week or grain for all horses for one week
  • $150 donation provides a military veteran or first-responder with a one hour equine assisted therapy session (please note VETS in your donation)
  • $175 donation provides feed for one horse for one month, or bedding for 7 horses for one week
  • $350 provides our horses with farrier care/trimming for 6 weeks
  • $500 provides 7 veterans sponsorship to attend our monthly Comrades in Arms session
  • $3,900 provides veterinary care, including vital meds/supplements for one horse for a year!

The list goes on…thank you for your support!

Please make a tax-deductible donation today!

ONE-TIME donations can be made here:


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Alternatively, make your check payable to Forever Amber Acres:

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FAAAS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) EIN 46-2558065. All donations are tax deductible.