A Call to Action

Rescuing horses is a very active mission. Every month, we cringe when we hear the stories surfacing about equine abuse in our country—and it’s not just happening in major racing states like Florida. It’s happening in our own state of Ohio.

If you aren’t aware of these facts, the following are examples of horse abuse and neglect just this year in Ohio–and please be warned that the linked articles include graphic images and detail: In February, horses were seized from a neglectful rescue in Miami County. Approximately 15 horses, 40 cats, and 60 dogs, among other animals, were discovered emaciated and diseased in Belmont County in March. In April, 30 neglected and malnourished horses were rescued in Seville. In July, an Oxford resident was convicted for animal cruelty after 2 horses were found dead and 1 was placed in protective custody. August headlines told of 5 emaciated horses in Montville Township. Four dead horses in Clinton lead to the removal of multiple others in September.

The economy has contributed to the increase of animal abuse and neglect. However, there are many ways to help our equine friends. We must start by limiting over-breeding; if you are interested in owning a horse, please contact us. We can help you find a rescue horse, rather than encouraging breeders. Over 160,000 horses were sent to slaughter in 2012 and more than 92% of those horses were “in good condition and are able to live out a productive life,” as documented by the USDA. We need to work towards providing shelter and increasing adoption efforts in the equine world.

This is part of the mission at Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary, and your support helps us make a difference for these animals. Please join us in our efforts!