Barn Buddies

Our Purpose

The Barn Buddies program provides participants with a positive human-to-animal bonding experience in a peaceful, holistic environment where they can be in nature and make positive connections with the horses, the outdoors and others. By assisting in the basic care of the animals and their home, Barn Buddies volunteers enjoy a challenging, rewarding physical experience and the satisfaction of caring for the animals. The hours donated by our loyal, dedicated volunteers are the lifeblood of our small, but thriving organization, allowing us to provide our animals the vital 7 day a week care they require while maintaining the quality and safety of our sanctuary.

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote a sense of community to the benefit of all. We strive to maintain a healthy, peaceful environment where self-confidence, trust and a sense of well-being and purpose can thrive. Motivated by contact with the horses and their fellow volunteers, participants engage in a variety of activities that reinforce the value and benefit of teamwork. Many participants report a newfound sense of self-awareness that is transferable to other aspects of their lives.

Our Activities

Barn Buddies complete volunteer training and orientation while they become acquainted with our equine residents and their home.  Working with others, they perform a variety of activities vital to the daily operation of our sanctuary including:

1) Learning to feed, groom, and care for the rescue animals at FAAAS

2) Turning horses in and out at scheduled daily intervals

3) Daily stall maintenance such as basic cleaning and repair

4) Organizing tack and other supplies

Volunteers with specific experience and skills may also perform routine maintenance of the facilities and equipment.  More experienced volunteers typically lead their shifts and also assist in or provide orientation and training to new volunteers.

Shifts are approximately 3 hours long. You must be a minimum of 12 years of age to become a Barn Buddy. Families and service groups are always welcome! For more information please email If you’d like to apply, please use the form below.