An Introduction to FAAAS

We are a group of men and women passionate about caring and speaking for those who cannot do it for themselves. We have all experienced the unconditional love of animals and we feel the need to give back. Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary currently houses seven rescued animals. Each of these animals has their own individual story of how they got to where they are, and we are striving to provide them with the next chapter of their lives that includes their very own happy ending.

We aim to be transparent with you. We are so excited that you have come here to find out more about us. We want you to know how much we enjoy what we’re doing and how much we appreciate your support. We also want to highlight the struggles of keeping a non-profit afloat, as well as the struggles of working with abused and neglected animals. We want you to know both our board members and volunteers, and we want you to know the animals of Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary. Please join us on this mission to serve.