Shari’s Progress

Our Newest Resident Has Made Some Friends

Shari, our 20 year old brood mare from South Carolina, has quite a few guardian angels looking out for her. She is currently being sponsored by two wonderful companies, Tribute Equine Nutrition and MultiFlex USA. We are so thankful for these sponsors!

Tribute Equine Nutrition works hard with leading Ph.D. Equine nutritionalists to provide quality, balanced feeds for a horses. They are providing Shari with specialized feed during her rehabilitation. Tribute has taken it upon themselves to checkup on Shari every two weeks as well and make sure she is gaining back not just her weight, but her energy and happiness as well.

MultiFlex USA, or NuPro, provides supplements to horses of all ages. They use all-natural ingredients and flavors to keep their products close to nature. MultiFlex is providing our girl Shari with a 16 lb feed bucket to ensure she’s feeling better soon.



You can keep up with this page to see more of Shari’s progress. In just one week she has gained back a substantial amount of weight. We are so proud of our girl. Everyday she eats, plays, and gets a little bit closer to all the other members here at Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary. Please take a few moments of your time to see what amazing progress this horse is making and donate to help her continue to grow.

Shari side view comparison 2015-06-25_23.14.30

Shari rear view comparison - 2015-06-25_22.53.29