The Chady and David Hall Foundation Grants

They supported us last year. . .

Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary was excited to announce we were the recipient of a grant from the Chady and David Hall  Foundation in 2016. These funds were used to complete critically needed facilities improvement. They also went towards expansion projects to better serve the special needs rescues in permanent retirement at the sanctuary and advance future program development too.

“We are thrilled to have the friendship and support of the Chady and David Hall Foundation. Their interest in supporting local organizations such as FAAAS will enable us to become stronger partners in our community” said Michele Bolinger, Founder and Executive Director.

We’re happy to announce they are donating again! 

In 2017 we are honored and excited to announce FAAAS is the recipient of a matching grant! These funds will enable us to move forward with construction of the 2nd of two upcoming shelters. These will enhance the quality and safety of our rescues too. They will also benefit the wonderful volunteers we rely on to assist us in providing for their daily care, especially during our long, harsh Ohio winters. We’re thrilled to have the friendship and support of The Chady and David Hall Foundation! Their commitment to supporting local organizations enables us to continue bettering our community. We thank them in helping our mission.

Also, to all our friends and supporters: your individual contributions matter!!! Every dollar, every share, re-post and tweet goes directly to the care of our rescues and the facility they call ‘home.” Your support of our events also contributes to our cause. Thank you for your trust and support! 


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