7 Highlights From Our Horses & Healing Event

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Last Friday, our Horses & Healing event stole the blue ribbon! With more guests than we’ve ever had at any of our previous events, we’d like to take a moment to pick our top 7 highlights. If you missed this event, be sure to check our calendar! We’ve always got something planned so don’t be afraid to sign up or stop by. Now, on to the list. 


7. The Girls Give Back!

All of these new visitors got our hens excited. So excited, that they even laid a few eggs. They also were super friendly when meeting new people. We’re so happy we were able to make them a part of our family at FAAAS. They also seemed to think the drumming was the best part of Horses & Healing. Thank you for your contribution, princesses. It is greatly appreciated!



6.  LuLaRoe Pants

Brought to us by the wonderful Gweneal, these pants came in all sorts of crazy patterns and colors. They were also incredibly soft. Friendly and a great way to welcome our guests to FAAAS, we have to say – LuLaRoe is pretty great. Her table was chock full of a ton of different options for our friends to choose from. Even the most creative person would have had trouble deciding on just one. Thank you Gweneal!




5. Barn Tours

While we had many volunteers helping out, we have to give a special shout-out to Alexis! One of our Barn Buddies, she’s a natural born leader. She gave quite a few tours of our facility. Plus, she makes for an amazing model and animal handler. Her help around the barn really made the event a huge success! We don’t know where we’d be without her. Thank you so much for your dedication and participation Alexis!



4. Palm Readings

Long time friend of FAAAS, Christine Gregor donated her time and efforts to palm readings on Friday. Specializing in spiritual self-help and relationship issues, Christine has studied a wide variety of religious and scientific paths. She believes spirituality can lead to a more fulfilling life. She definitely helped people find their potential by giving them a look into their future. Nothing beats a good palm reading. Thank you Christine!



3. Sweet Treats!

We were wow’d by Sweet Serene-ity’s delicious snacks. They were also beautifully decorated! Their wide variety of treats tempted many of our guests and 30% of their earnings were even donated to our facility. Not to mention, they were super friendly and when paired with LuLaRoe, definitely raked in the attention of all of our visitors. Thank you Sweet Seren-ity!




2. Rainbow Eagle

Rainbow eagle is an Okla Choctaw American Indian and gifted teacher of universal knowledge who walks in harmony with the universe. He shared his wonderful wisdom by the fireside on Friday. We thoroughly enjoyed his teachings of love and respect. Eating s’mores while enjoying his presentation just made the night extraordinarily wonderful. Thank you for leading us on such an exciting journey Rainbow Eagle!



1. Inner Harmony

Corky and Barb were the star of our event. They lead us on a wonderful meditative journey like we have never experienced. The stunning drum beat created fantastical visions for some of our attendees and for others, it lead to a soothing state of meditation. When their drumming stopped, the silence was palpable. It brought us into the here and now. For this experience, we are beyond grateful. Thank you Inner Harmony!


We’d like to also thank all of our contributors. This event raised over $800 towards our Assisted Animal Therapy Program. A few extra special thanks go to:

  • Tribute Equine Nutrition – provided funding for beverages for our event
  • Volunteers:
    • Donna Redman Hann & Family
    • Celeste Klein Malone
    • Tara Elizabeth
    • Nick Pozzutto
    • Linda Robertson
    • David James & Chelsea Marie Lyons
    • Laura & Kate Benedict
    • Hannah Sommers
    • Brittany Seiberling
    • Lillian McCurlley
    • Kyria
    • Kat Fenton

If you have an interest in helping out, visit our volunteer page! We have flexible scheduling and in-depth, hands on training. Too busy? We also accept tax-deductible donations. Use the PayPal button on the left side-bar or simply visit one of our events.