Spirit is here!

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Meet The New Guy

Pulled from a kill buyer in Pennsylvania, Big Amos (renamed Spirit) has finally arrived at our sanctuary. He may be a little worse for wear, but we’ll fix him up in no time. Currently he’s suffering from sores, cuts, rain rot, malnutrition, and MAJOR knee problems. This poor guy also had his legs pin fired! An extremely painful process mostly used on race horses, pin firing involves burning, freezing, or applying caustic chemicals to injuries to speed up the healing process.

After suffering on the tracks, he was sold to a kill buyer, to be slaughtered and turned into food for other countries. We are thankful for the RACE FUND for providing us with the information and fees needed to save this big beauty. Big thanks as well to our friends David and Stephanie for driving over 200 miles to save him.

Our veterinarian has given us 3 goals to get this boy back on his feet!

  1. Get him back to a healthy weight
  2. Keep him comfortable
  3. Have him make some friends!

Help us meet these goals by donating today! We accept PayPal as well as ALL  major credit cards. If you’d rather spend time with Spirit, feel free to come volunteer with us. Our scheduling is flexible and we always love to have support at our events! Just send us an email to get started.

You can also keep up with this guy on all of our social media! Give us a follow or stay tuned here for more.