It’s been a tough couple of days for Passion but we are so excited to report that her treatment has started!!!  This has all been made possible by our amazing donors and supporters.  On Tuesday, we heard back from the vet and while the diagnosis now also includes a respiratory infection, she is definitely on her way to feeling better.  Some of her condition will be “life-long” but we are making changes at the farm to her feed and her grazing that will ensure she is comfortable and able to live the life of love and health that she DESERVES!!

And, as a wonderful surprise, we have been OVERWHELMED with support through donations!!!  We are in a GREAT place to ensure we get started immediately with Passion’s new care routine and treatments so THANK YOU all for being a part of our continued fight to save horses from abuse and slaughter.  We know we have a long way to go and the fight has to continue but it makes it so much easier with all of our supporters!!

Check out our Passion this morning – one of the volunteers grabbed this shot.  Based on the look she’s giving us, she is not completely excited about part of her new treatment but she’s being a good patient and laying down a lot to rest and heal.   And, if you are new to Passion’s story — see below for her amazing journey and latest challenges.


No animal should have to be saved twice.  We need your help today!  

Please donate for this urgent medical situation…

Picture the beautiful, rolling hills of the Amish country in Ohio.  Now, picture a young horse – only 2 years old.  Passion is her name.  If you are thinking of a strong, sturdy work horse – that would be normal.  But, Passion was abused and malnourished.   That was 2009 – and today Passion is a 6 year old living a life of love and proper care on an 11.5 acre farm. That’s what we do at Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary.  But, it seems that we need to save Passion again and we need your help.   On 10/17 Passion fell ill.

We have been working with her over the weekend and the vet says she is most likely suffering from two distinct issues — hindgut ulcers AND heaves (otherwise known as recurrent airway obstruction).  While the tests are continuing, we know that she is in pain.

Earlier in October, we stocked up on hay for the fall and all the expected fall supplies needed to keep the farm running for the animals we’ve saved – so, Passion’s critical situation has hit us at a time where funds are low.  We have estimated her treatment and it is very expensive.

We need $1,600 to begin treatments for both issues and start the process of changing her feed, buying supplies, paying for her medicines.   Unfortunately, without this treatment, she will have to be put down because we would never want to have a horse in pain as she is today.  We know she is not comfortable because her breathing is very fast.

Support and donations helped us save Passion once from the people who hurt her – please, help us save her again from this dreadful medical condition.   Please give today.  We need 16 people to give $100 to help Passion but please give whatever you can!