“Forever Amber Acres is a great refuge for folks like myself to get away from life when it stresses them out too much. One of the organizations ultimate goals is to help disabled veterans and veterans suffering from PTSD recover. The healing power of horses is amazing!” David J. Lyons (Volunteer)

“Michele came through with the help of the supporters of Forever Amber Acres. They raised the money for all the Vet bills, the dental work, and even the transportation for Hope, an OTTB who found her way in the Wooster Auction; to come to Michigan! Forever Amber Acres not only saved Hope from what is sure to have been a death sentence if she hadn’t rescued her, she insured via contract that Hope was to have a forever home, and with me. Forever Amber Acres re-homes animals to good people who are willing to commit to the responsibility of loving, caring and paying for these animals for the balance of their time on this earth. What Forever Amber Acres does is a big job.” DJ Malloy (Adopter)

“Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary is AMAZING. My family loved our visit their and we all agree it’s our favorite non-profit organization. We encourage all our friends to help support this AWESOME animal sanctuary. They have saved three horses already from physically abusive owners and plan on saving more horses when they have the money to do so. They are currently looking for volunteers and financial donors. I encourage you all to visit this OUTSTANDING animal sanctuary and when you do I know you will fall in love with it just like my family did.” David Waddell (Donor)